The Wonders of White Granite Countertops

The Wonders of White Granite Countertops Rock Tops Fabrication

White granite countertops have unique variations and flecks

Today we’re going to discuss all the wonders of white granite countertops. It takes quite a lot of thought to pick the perfect countertop material, edge, finish, and color. Therefore, Rock Tops Fabrication is here to inspire you and make you aware of all your options. In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of choosing a dark granite countertop. Now, we’re going to keep the conversation light and discuss the wonder of white granite countertops. 

White Granite Countertops are Stunning 

While white is a neutral color, it has its variances. As you see pictured here, it can come in white spring or a snow-white or ivory color. In addition, white granite countertops come with unique veining and flecks. Therefore, not all granite countertops appear the same, if at all. Also, When you choose a white countertop, regardless of the material, it brightens up a kitchen automatically. A white granite countertop can aesthetically enhance any kitchen or bathroom because of all the subtle variations and eye-catching contrasts. 

A White Granite Countertop Can Add Space to Any Room 

When you have a white countertop in your bathroom or kitchen, it can make a small room appear bigger. White granite gives off a clean and sophisticated look that opens up any space and creates a welcoming environment. Even if you own a larger kitchen, a white granite countertop can have the same effect, particularly with darker flooring and cabinets. 

White Granite Countertops are Easy to Style 

Because white is a neutral color, it’s easy to pair different decor with it. You can get highly creative with how you decorate your kitchen countertops. White goes well with any color, and you can contrast it with black. You could also warm the room up and make it earthy with beige or brown cabinets and kitchen decor. You can also mix up the different types of whites you use. 

Remember that Granite is Easier to Clean

White marble functions differently than white granite. Since granite is such a hard natural stone, you don’t have to worry about the material facing as much damage. When you properly seal a granite countertop, it remains pristine. A countertop being white rightfully might give some homeowners concerns. We’re not suggesting that you spill cranberry juice on your white granite countertop. However, you can breathe a bit easier knowing that white granite hides fingerprints and watermarks surprisingly well. How? Granite’s dark flecks make slight imperfections less visible. 

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