Natural Stone and Your Bathtub Surround Belong Together

Natural Stone as a Bathroom Surround Rock Tops Fabrication

Whether polished or honed, natural stone can take your bathtub surround to the next level.

Whether polished or honed, natural stone can take your bathtub surround to the next level. When you enhance your bathtub with natural stone, it adds an air of sophistication to the room. You work hard. Therefore, you deserve a bathroom oasis that can help you soak the stress away. Homeowners that love following design trends will appreciate the clean, classic, and streamlined look of a bathtub designed with granite or marble. In addition, when you add natural stone to your bathroom vanity, you create a cohesive and modernized bathroom. Allow us to elaborate further on why natural stone and your bathtub surround belong together. 

Say Goodbye to Grout When You Add Natural Stone to Your Bathtub Surround 

Grout has a chance of becoming susceptible to mildew stains and discoloration over time. Grout is a highly porous surface. Therefore, moisture and bacteria accumulate. When you eliminate grout, you can remove a lot of issues. While installing a natural stone bathtub does require calking, it has fewer seems than tile, making it a low-maintenance option, particularly when it comes to cleaning. 

Oh, the Variety 

Just as a kitchen countertop can come in various colors and patterns, so can a bathtub surround. It’s easy to design your bathroom with a neutral color scheme. However, you can ensure that your bathroom stands out when you go for a bathtub surround by choosing one of the various shades of blue or green granite. Both are rare selections. 

Granite is a Superior Material 

While granite is porous, it’s one of the harder natural stones, making it highly durable. You still have to seal a natural stone bathtub surround once a year. However, this minimal maintenance is worth it. Sure, tile is cheaper than granite. Some homeowners even attempt to tackle DIY projects with tile. However, ceramic tile doesn’t increase your home value that granite can, retain heat like granite, or rank as high in durability. 

Marble is Luxurious Material 

Understandably, adding marble to home takes some consideration. It’s more porous than granite. However, if you treat it properly, you can look forward to having a luxurious material in your home for years to come. White marble is classic, crisp, and stunning to behold. However, marble comes in various colors as well. For example, marble comes in variations of red that are ravishing. 

If you’re ready to add natural stone to your bathtub surround, give us a call today. 


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