Comparing Marble and Granite Kitchen Countertops

Comparing Marble and Granite Kitchen Countertops

Today, we’ll be comparing marble with granite kitchen countertops so you can more easily decide which one to get.

Are you thinking of getting a new countertop for your kitchen? If so, there are different materials you could pick for whatever countertop you get. Two of these options are marble and granite and, while these options have their similarities, there are also some differences between them. Today, we’ll be comparing marble with granite kitchen countertops so you can more easily decide which one to get.


What kind of look do you want for your kitchen? Regardless of what look you want, granite and marble are both beautiful materials you can use to construct your kitchen countertop. So, how do you determine which material to pick?

Granite kitchen countertops allow you to see the grains, which give a very natural look to them. You can also get granite slabs with various hues of color, including red, orange, blue, and more.

Marble kitchen countertops, on the other hand, have larger patterns than granite ones. You still have multiple options for colors, just like with granite countertops, meaning that you might need to see slabs of both materials before determining which you prefer.


When it comes to durability, granite kitchen countertops perform very well. Granite is a harder material than marble, meaning it’s more difficult to chip or scratch it. You also get heat resistance with a granite countertop, but you still want to exercise caution and avoid putting exceptionally hot items on top of it.

Marble countertops have plenty of durability and heat resistance as well, but they typically have more maintenance tasks attached to them. They’re also a little more vulnerable to acidic liquids and foods, so you have to keep those acids away from your countertop to ensure it lasts. Both materials need to be sealed to prevent damage caused by liquids. By applying sealant, you extend the lifespan of both of these materials.

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