Comparing Marble and Granite Bathroom Vanities

Comparing Marble and Granite Bathroom Vanities

Let’s compare marble and granite bathroom vanities so you can determine which to get for your home.

Are you in the process of renovating your bathroom? One thing you might be doing is deciding on a new bathroom vanity to install. Bathroom vanities are very useful for giving you countertop space, as well as a space to store your toiletries. You can get your vanity built from many different materials. Two of the options that are available to you are marble and granite. Both of these options have their merits, but they also have their differences, which can affect which material you choose in the end. Let’s compare marble and granite bathroom vanities so you can determine which to get for your home.


The durability of your vanity should be taken into consideration since it influences how long your vanity will last. Granite vanities are known for being incredibly tough. They don’t get chipped or broken down very easily, meaning there won’t be many repairs you need to make to them over time.

Marble vanities are strong as well, and they can last you for a long time with proper care. They can be a little more prone to scratching than granite vanities, but general wear and tear isn’t too big of a concern.


When considering what kind of vanity to get, how the vanity looks should be taken into consideration. Marble and granite bathroom vanities each have their own distinct look.

Granite vanities have a more uniform appearance, meaning it has a simpler aesthetic that blends into your bathroom rather than standing out.

Marble vanities are the opposite. With a marble bathroom vanity, you can get yours made with all sorts of different colors built in. This means your bathroom vanity will have more visual appeal. This is perfect if you want your bathroom vanity to stand out and be more of an eye-catching feature instead of simply blending in with all of the other pieces in the room.

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