Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Winter


Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Winter

Let’s take a look at fireplace maintenance tips you should be following this winter.

Fireplaces are wonderful to have around your home, especially during winter when the temperatures get colder and you need the extra warmth. To keep your fireplace in the best possible condition, however, regular maintenance will be required. Let’s take a look at fireplace maintenance tips you should be following this winter.

Get Rid of Ash in Your Fireplace

You should be mindful of how many ashes there are in your firebox. When ash levels are too high, it results in fires burning out more quickly than they normally should. For this reason, you want to remove ashes regularly, not simply after every time you use the fireplace. Also, when removing ashes, you shouldn’t remove all of them. Instead, leave roughly one inch of ashes in the firebox so that you can build future fires more easily.

Keep the Glass Doors Clean

Another part of fireplace maintenance involves keeping the glass doors clean. As you use your fireplace, soot will start to accumulate on these doors. You don’t want the view of the fire to be obstructed, and cleaning the doors is the best way to give you a clear image of the fire when your fireplace is being used. Soap and water are good cleaning solutions if you have thin layers of soot. A razor blade is something that some experts recommend when you have thicker layers of soot.

Clean Your Hearth

The hearth is another part of your fireplace that can get stained by soot. This is why keeping the hearth clean should be a regular part of your fireplace maintenance routine. You should clean the hearth at least one time every six weeks.

Check on Your Smoke Alarms

While not directly connected to your fireplace, functional smoke alarms are a vital safety measure to have when using one. Your alarms should be checked monthly to ensure that they’re still functioning as they should.

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