Myths Revolving Around Fireplaces

Myths Revolving Around Fireplaces

Today, we want to address a few myths that pop up regarding fireplaces.

Who doesn’t love to get cozy around a fireplace at this time of year, when the winter season is in full swing and temperatures have dropped? Fireplaces are perfect for keeping warm during winter, and they can also serve as an eye-catching feature in any room that has one. Some people, however, might be hesitant about installing one because of a few myths that have popped up about them. Today, we want to address a few myths that pop up regarding fireplaces.

“They Aren’t Efficient”

Older fireplace models might not have great energy efficiency, so there is a kernel of truth that lies in this statement. With newer models, however, they have much greater energy efficiency than models that have existed in the past. This makes modern fireplaces much more worthwhile investments for your home.

“They are Outdated”

While fireplaces are seen in many older homes, that doesn’t mean other homes can’t enjoy having one. Fireplaces come in more modern designs these days, meaning you can find one that complements the style of your home even if your home was built more recently.

“They Can Be Tied to Global Warming and Air Pollution”

We’re not here to say that fireplaces don’t have harmful effects on the environment, but the degree of harm they cause is fairly small. A lot of newer fireplace models get monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (otherwise known as EPA), which helps to ensure these models do as little harm to the environment as possible.

“You Need a Chimney to Have a Fireplace”

This is a common myth to hear about fireplaces, but it’s one that is fortunately not true. Newer fireplace models are able to vent with the use of their own chimney pipe systems. This means that it’s much easier to find a spot to install a fireplace in your home these days, all while minimizing the amount of demo/hard construction that needs to be done.

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