Maintenance Tips For Your Marble Fireplace

Maintenance Tips For Your Marble Fireplace

Here are marble fireplace maintenance tips you should follow.

Fireplaces are classic decorative pieces to have in your home. They have stood the tests of time and managed to remain stylish and elegant even after so many years. There are many materials with which to build fireplaces, and one of those materials is marble. Marble is a strong and reliable material for a fireplace, and it looks gorgeous when it’s well-maintained. The only concern is that it can lose its visual appeal when you don’t take the time to tend to it. Fortunately, we know everything that needs to be done when caring for a marble fireplace. Here are marble fireplace maintenance tips you should follow.

Make Sure Your Marble Fireplace is Sealed

A marble fireplace is going to need a seal to protect its surface. That’s why you should apply a sealer to your fireplace every now and then to keep it in the best condition. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to seal your fireplace, you can run a test. Simply pour some water onto the surface of your fireplace, and give it about half an hour to sit. If there are dark rings or marks on the surface, that’s your cue that you should apply more sealer to the surface.

Clean Your Marble Fireplace Regularly

Keep your marble fireplace clean by using a suitable granite cleaner. While it may be tempting to try using a household cleaner, such as vinegar, we advise against this because there’s a higher likelihood of breaking down any surface sealer on your fireplace when you do this. You don’t want your fireplace to suffer from stains.

If you aren’t sure exactly what types of cleaners to use, you can consult with a professional fireplace company. They know what cleaning materials are best for whatever fireplace you have, regardless of the material from which it’s made.

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