Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Kitchen Countertop

Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Kitchen Countertop

Read on to learn how you could be damaging your kitchen countertop.

Your kitchen countertop is a heavily-utilized area of your home. Given how much use it gets, it’s not surprising that it could get damaged over time. However, knowing the ways your countertop could get damaged allows you to take precautions so you can extend its lifespan and delay the need to make any expensive repairs or replacements. Read on to learn how you could be damaging your kitchen countertop.

You Use Strong Cleaning Products

We want to keep our countertops clean, but you have to be careful when deciding which cleaning products to use. Some cleaning products are strong enough to strip the sealant from your kitchen countertop, meaning the surface can get damaged. To avoid damaging your countertop, stick to using dish soap and microfiber whenever you’re getting it cleaned.

Spilling Acidic Food on Your Kitchen Countertop

There are many food items that have acidic properties, including tomato sauce, orange juice, and lemons. When these foods land on your kitchen countertop, the acids inside of them will break down your countertop and cause lasting damage. If anything acidic gets spilled onto your countertop, you want to deal with the spill as quickly as you can, before the spill has a chance to cause significant damage.

You Don’t Use a Hot Pad

There are materials you could use for your kitchen countertop that are resistant against heat, such as granite and quartz. With that said, you shouldn’t be applying heat to your countertop constantly. While it’s fine to place a hot pan on your kitchen countertop for a brief moment, you don’t want to do this too often because extended exposure to heat can cause damage to any countertop, regardless of the material from which it was made. By using a heat pad, you can take the heat away from your countertop, which helps it to last much longer.

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