Why Granite is the Perfect Material for Your Bathroom Vanity

Why Granite is the Perfect Material for Your Bathroom Vanity

Read on to learn the benefits of installing a granite bathroom vanity.

Have you been thinking about getting a new bathroom vanity? If so, there are many materials from which to create your new vanity. One material that you should consider is granite, and there are many reasons that make granite an excellent material for the vanity you want to build. Read on to learn the benefits of installing a granite bathroom vanity.

Granite is a Durable Material

You want your bathroom vanity to last, meaning it needs to be made out of sturdy and reliable material. Granite is one of those solid materials that will ensure your bathroom vanity lasts you for many years. It doesn’t get stained, chipped, or scratched very easily, meaning you can maintain its beautiful appearance more easily as well.

Granite Can Be Cleaned Easily

The beautiful appearance of granite cannot be understated. As such, you’ll want your granite vanity to keep that beautiful appearance for as long as possible. Fortunately, granite is a material that can be cleaned with little difficulty. Granite is a naturally-sealed material, meaning no extra sealant is required. Whenever your granite vanity gets dirty, all you’ll need to do is take a standard cloth with some soap to restore its appearance. It’s this low level of maintenance that makes a granite bathroom vanity so convenient for homeowners who have them.

Granite Has Resistance Against Heat

Another reason to invest in a granite bathroom vanity is that granite has heat resistance, which can be more helpful than you think because there are some items we use in our bathrooms that require heat.  When you’re in the bathroom, you might sometimes need to use hair driers or straighteners, and then you’ll need to place them on your countertop. Since granite has heat resistance, you can rest these items right on the countertop without worrying about damaging your vanity.

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