Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Tips

Let’s go over how to keep your kitchen countertop clean.

Kitchens are among the most used rooms in the house, and given how much traffic your kitchen gets, it only makes sense that it’s going to get messy from time to time. One area that gets messy is your kitchen countertop, and given that you likely use your countertop to prepare food, it’s important to keep that area clean as often as possible. Let’s go over how to keep your kitchen countertop clean.

Have a Few Cleaning Cloths on Standby

To wipe your kitchen countertop down, you want to have a couple of cleaning cloths ready. A minimum of three cloths is recommended (one to use with soap, one for rinsing away the suds, and one for drying the countertop afterward). Kitchen towels or paper towels could also work in this situation.

Apply Dish Soap

For everyday cleaning tasks, dish soap is a great cleaning solution. It’s best to use a more gentle soap unless you’re dealing with a highly stubborn stain. This is because stronger cleaning solutions can damage the surface of your kitchen countertop.

Remember to Disinfect Your Kitchen Countertop

Disinfecting is not the same as cleaning, so even if you clean your kitchen countertop, disinfecting will still need to get done. This is especially important if you handle foods with a lot of bacteria, like raw meat. There are many disinfectants you can use, but if your countertop is made from materials such as marble or granite, you should refrain from using disinfectants like bleach, vinegar, and citric acid, as they can all damage your countertop’s surface.

Use a Sealer to Protect Your Countertop’s Surface

For countertops made from marble and granite, it helps to reinforce your surface with a protective layer of sealant. By doing this, your kitchen countertop will be protected from damage caused by moisture that would otherwise seep into your countertop to cause problems.

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