Bathroom Vanity Maintenance Tips

Bathroom Vanity Maintenance Tips

Here are bathroom vanity maintenance tips you should follow.

Your bathroom vanity is likely among the most often used parts of your restroom. As such, you want to be sure you get plenty of use out of it over the years. This is why proper maintenance of your vanity is so important. The good news is that bathroom vanity maintenance isn’t too complicated, as you just have to follow a few simple steps. Here are bathroom vanity maintenance tips you should follow.

Maintaining the Sink and Counter

These are the easiest areas of the vanity to maintain, but they also get worn down more quickly given how much use they get. Typically, when cleaning the sink and counter, standard cleaning solutions should be sufficient to get the job done. Just be sure you don’t use chemicals that are too harsh. Also, avoid using abrasive cleaning materials because you don’t want to scratch your surface. A sponge or towel will typically be enough, and you should only use abrasive surfaces when needed, and if it’s safe to use them.

Maintaining the Vanity Cabinet Base

There are a few ways to clean your bathroom vanity cabinet base, and the best cleaning method will depend on what type of base you have. A regular home cleaning solution works for most surfaces, but you could need a scrub sponge or some stronger cleaners if you have stubborn grime that needs to be removed.

If your bathroom vanity base is made from particleboard or plywood, and it comes with a laminate wooden finish, you can keep dirt away by using a wet paper towel.

Natural Cleaning Products You Could Use

Perhaps you don’t have enough time to create cleaners of your own. If this is the case for you, not to worry because there are plenty of natural products that you can buy which will work perfectly on your bathroom vanity. Products such as lemon juice, baking soda (mixed with water), and apple cider vinegar are great for cleaning different surfaces. Just do some research ahead of time regarding which products are safe because you could incidently cause damage to your vanity if you don’t pick a cleaning product that works well with your vanity’s surface.

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