Problems You Might Experience With Your Bathroom Vanity

Problems You Might Experience With Your Bathroom Vanity

Read on to learn what problems your bathroom vanity could encounter.

A bathroom vanity should be one of the highlights of your restroom, but sometimes, they’ll run into issues that will make them look more like eyesores than focal points. So, what exactly are the issues your vanity can face? Read on to learn what problems your bathroom vanity could encounter.

It’s Dealing With Mold

The bathroom is a place filled with moisture, so mold becomes a serious risk factor for any vanity you install. Oftentimes, mold is more likely to affect bathroom vanities that were built with low-quality materials that don’t have water resistance. If you want to avoid this potential issue in the future, the best time to do so is before you install your vanity. Find one that’s built from high-quality, water-resistant materials so that you can get the most mileage out of the vanity you choose.

Not Enough Counter Space

While not the same as the health risk of mold, a lack of counter space can be rather inconvenient for everyday use. There are plenty of toiletries that get used regularly, such as shampoos, soaps, hair brushes, makeup, and deodorants, among other things. Without sufficient space beneath your vanity, you won’t have enough room to store all of these items. The result is that your bathroom will look cluttered and crowded.

Fortunately, you have a couple of solutions for this issue. One option is to switch from a double-bowl to a single-bowl vanity. This frees up more space on top of the vanity for storage purposes, and it’s a viable solution if you don’t expect multiple people to use the sink at one time.

Another option is to get a medicine cabinet above your bathroom vanity. This will give you more storage space without decreasing the amount of leg room your bathroom offers. It also allows you to put items out of the reach of small children, if needed.

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