Fireplace Mistakes That You Could Be Making

Fireplace Mistakes That You Could Be Making

Today, we’ll be letting you know about the fireplace mistakes you’ll want to avoid making.

Many homeowners have fireplaces, and they can be perfect gathering spots for people to relax, especially as the weather gets cooler and people look for ways to stay warm. In order to get the most use out of your fireplace, however, you need to be sure that you’re taking good care of it. With that said, there are ways you can misuse your fireplace, and these mistakes can damage your house and cost you money. Today, we’ll be letting you know about the fireplace mistakes you’ll want to avoid making.

Not Staying on Top of Fireplace Cleaning

You need to regularly clean your fireplace. If you don’t, significant damage can happen. Without sufficient fireplace cleaning, soot and creosote will pile up. This is a big risk for your home, as these buildups can result in fires starting within your chimney. Once a fire has started, it could spread to other areas around your house. If you clean your fireplace at least annually, however, you can avoid this disaster.

Not Using the Proper Type of Fuel

Different fireplaces have different fuel sources, and you need to be sure you’re using the right one. When you use the wrong fuel source to power your fireplace, it can result in serious issues, such as soot buildup, excessive smoking, or even house fires!

For those who have gas fireplaces, you want to use propane or natural gas as the fuel source. Wood-burning fireplaces will want to stick with hardwood logs.

Not Inspecting Your Fireplace

Another one of the fireplace mistakes you can make is avoiding fireplace inspections. Getting your fireplace professionally inspected is a safety measure you don’t want to ignore. Professionals will be able to detect problems with your fireplace that you might not notice yourself. Not only that, but if there does end up being an issue with your fireplace, professionals will know what the best solution is. This helps you avoid disasters in the future.

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