Which Natural Stone Materials Are Best for Bathrooms?

rock tops fabrication natural stone materials for bathrooms

Which natural stone materials are best for bathrooms? Learn what each material has to offer.

Building a new bathroom or redoing the old one? Congratulations! You now have a chance to express your personal style using natural stone materials. At Rock Tops Fabrication, we often get questions from clients on what materials would work best for their bathroom design. Granite, marble, and Quartz should top your list when building countertops.

Let’s look at them one by one.


Granite is the most popular countertop material for a good reason. The natural stone is waterproof and highly durable, making it suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms. Each granite tile is different from the other. This is because of the unique patterns and color combinations during volcanic activity. If you have a thing for color, granite should be your first countertop material choice. It will give your bathroom that sense of class and sophistication.


Marble is a form of limestone, but that does not necessarily make all limestone marble. The stone countertop has been associated with wealth and royalty for thousands of years. If you want some beauty and elegance, use marble for bathtub surrounds, bathroom countertops, and even floors.

White marble is incredibly chic due to its clean lines and neutral shades, resulting in a soft, uniform style. Please note that marble is vulnerable to damage by acidic cleaners. If you go for marble, pick the highest quality and be prepared to take good care of the countertops.


Quartz is a ground mixture of resin and 90% natural stone material. Although Quartz is categorized under natural stone, it differs from marble and granite, which are cut directly from the rock bed. However, the difference is not visible to the naked eye.

Like granite, Quartz is durable and especially easy to maintain. It produces a uniform look, especially when working with multiple slabs. You don’t have to struggle matching patterns between slabs. The human intervention during engineering ensures every slab matches with the next.

Since the material is non-porous, it is not subject to stains making it easy to maintain. This gives it an edge over granite and marble. Using Quartz is cheaper because it doesn’t need sealing, which is why many contractors install it in kitchens and bathrooms.


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