Honed vs Polished Granite


Here are some of the best ways to distinguish and understand the difference between honed granite and polished granite.

There is no denying that homeowners are looking for the most optimal type of granite when choosing countertop materials for their home renovation. In fact, granite tends to be the most desired type of countertop material among homeowners. The reality is, because granite is very aesthetically pleasing, there are so many amazing reasons why granite is so highly regarded as the best countertop material for homes everywhere. Ultimately, granite tends to be quite coarse as a natural material but when used in certain areas of the home, it can be treated — which is where professionals can create granite for you that is either honed or polished. Knowing the difference can help provide you with a better understanding of the specific granite that you should absolutely invest in when selecting granite for your humble abode. Here are some of the best ways to distinguish and understand the difference between honed granite and polished granite — and determine which one is best for your specific purpose and needs.

Understanding Honed Granite

Honed granite countertops tend to have a very subtle matte or satin appearance that typically is quite non-reflective. In fact, honed granite is really velvety to the touch — making it a great material overall. The reality is, some people describe honed granite as a casual looking material compared to polished granite. Ultimately, honed granite traditionally is smooth but can always be made to look lighter — particularly the granite that contains darker stones.

Understanding Polished Granite

When it comes to polished granite, there are some key things that differentiate it from its honed counterparts. In fact, polished granite is quite the opposite when compared to honed granite. The reality is, polished granite usually adds a significant amount of value to the home — which can come in handy when it comes time to sell it. Ultimately, some homeowners prefer a polished and sleek look when it comes to their countertops which is why they may prefer investing in polished granite as opposed to any other type of granite or countertop material for their next kitchen upgrade. At the end of the day, knowing the differences among polished and honed granite can really help homeowners choose the perfect finish for their countertops so they can make sure to enjoy them for many years to come in their dream kitchen


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