Maintaining Your Icestone Countertops


Read more to learn more on to maintain your icestone countertops and ensure they last a lifetime for you and your family.

If you have icestone countertops in your home, then you will definitely want to know the proper ways to keep them maintained so they can withstand the test of time. In fact, icestone is a remarkably unique material that has become beloved by many homeowners who are aware of the material. The reality is, icestone is typically designed without any resins — thereby making it an environmentally friendly countertop material for homeowners to choose. Ultimately, icestone tends to invoke the same look and feel of natural stone which is another reason why homeowners are so gravitated towards the material for their countertops. Here are some of the best ways you can continue to keep your icestone countertops looking pristine and extend your countertops lifespan for many years to come.

General Cleaning Is Key

Just like with any other countertop material, icestone will require general cleaning habits to be implemented regularly. In fact, when it comes to effectively and efficiently maintaining your icestone countertops, it becomes increasingly important that you make sure to use cleaning products that are free and clear of any harsh chemicals as those will definitely end up damaging the icestone quickly — leading to the need for them to be replaced sooner than you likely would have wanted. The reality is, the biggest things you should avoid when it comes to ingredients in cleaners include ammonia, bleach, acid, and citrus scents. Ultimately, having a cleaning schedule is the best approach to take to ensure that you are properly keeping your icestone countertops in tip top shape.

Wiping Up Spills Immediately

It is particularly crucial for homeowners with icestone countertops to pay special attention to any spills that are likely to occur over time. In fact, spills can be really damaging to icestone countertops which is why it behooves homeowners to clean up any spills — no matter how large or small — immediately. The reality is, it’s especially important when the spill is acidic like wine, juice, and any other acidic liquids that might end up on your icestone countertop over the years. Ultimately, it becomes incredibly important for homeowners to ensure their icestone countertops are cleaned effectively and efficiently to make sure that they can withstand the test of time — and it’ll save you money on a potential replacement. 


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