3 Things To Know About Vetrazzo Countertops


Here are some reasons why many homeowners are increasingly incorporating vetrazzo countertops to their kitchens.

There is no denying that in every home the kitchen really is at the heart of it all. In fact, the kitchen is where people gather, entertain, and host most of their gatherings. The reality is, having a kitchen aesthetic that allows you to really make the most of the space is key. Ultimately, while kitchen layout is important — functionality will surely do wonders — having a beautiful yet functional countertop is also essential. Here are some reasons why many homeowners are increasingly incorporating vetrazzo countertops to their kitchens. 

A Custom Countertop For Your Ideal Kitchen

For the most part, having a kitchen design that is unique and customizable. In fact, vetrazzo countertops are usually designed in either granite or marble — which is why they are highly desirable. The reality is, these handmade countertops are custom made to your specific design ambitions and goals. Ultimately, there are different color options to choose from which allows you to truly create a customized kitchen that you can enjoy for many years to come. 

Caring For Vetrazzo Countertops

The best thing about vetrazzo countertops is that they require little maintenance — compared to other types of countertop materials out there. In fact, you really will just need to be careful about any acidic liquids being on the countertops directly as the exposure could damage the countertops themselves. The reality is, clean your countertops after every use without using cleaners containing any harsh chemicals — that’s the best way to properly care for your vetrazzo countertops. Ultimately, if you don’t take the time to care for your vetrazzo countertops effectively, you’ll end up needing to replace them sooner rather than later — which can cost a pretty penny.

Wonderfully Sustainable

Simply due to the nature of the vetrazzo countertops, they are designed to be sustainable. In fact, with many homeowners looking for more eco-friendly materials to use throughout their homes, they are incorporating more environmentally friendly materials — including vetrazzo countertops as an opportunity to add more eco-friendly materials in their kitchens. The reality is, having unique and custom countertops can really enhance your kitchen overall. Ultimately, investing in vetrazzo countertops can be the best investment you make towards increasing the value of the home when it comes time to sell it since so many homeowners are always eager to purchase environmentally friendly homes generally. 


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