Why Granite Countertops Are Great

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Behind diamond, granite is one of the hardest materials in the world, meaning you never have to worry about scratches, chips or dents to your counter.

Is your kitchen feeling dull and in need of a change? Making the switch to granite countertops can help! Not only are granite countertops beautiful, but they also add character, give you a high rate of return should you sell your home, and much more. There are endless reasons why granite countertops should be on your home wish list in 2022, and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorite.

Granite Countertops are Durable

The first thing to know about granite countertops is that they are incredibly durable. Behind diamonds, granite is one of the hardest materials in the world, meaning you never have to worry about scratches, chips or dents to your counter. While you should still always use a cutting board, you can expect your new countertops to last as long as your home does.

Granite Countertops are Budget-Friendly

Part of granite’s appeal is that the price ranges dramatically with both luxury and budget options available. Prices can vary from $200 per square foot to about $40, with variations in color, quality, and thickness. Some manufacturers even make granite tiles, allowing for even lower pricing.

Granite Countertops are Heat-Safe

Thanks to the fact that granite is naturally formed by pressure and heat, granite countertops become heat resistant. While it’s always better to use a hot pad or protection, setting a hot pan or tray on the counter will not damage it the way that it would other materials.

Granite Countertops are Resistant to Stains

When cared for and sealed properly, granite is highly stain resistant. This, along with its durability and heat resistance, makes it a fantastic option for busy or hectic homes. Any spills should be cleaned up quickly, especially if the material is acidic or alkaline, but with proper care, you can expect your counters to remain stain-free for years to come.

Appeals to Any Decor

Last but not least, thanks to the wide variety of granite available and its capacity for a neutral look, granite can fit any style and decor. Whether you’re looking for something to make a statement, or something to add a neutral base so you can change around it, your new granite countertops will be a worthwhile addition you’ll love for years to come.

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