Never-Ending Perks Of Soapstone Kitchen Countertops


Consider using soapstone for your next kitchen remodel.

If you’re redesigning your kitchen and looking to invest in something that will last a lifetime, with little to no maintenance, whose timeless sheen will grow with you and your family, look no further than soapstone. It’s a completely different feel than your standard granite and quartz installations. Soapstones name derives from its texture, soft and smooth. The material that kitchen countertops use is a mixture of soapstone and quartz, to increase the counter’s durability and resistance to dents and damage. Although it is a bit pricier, the benefits are so drastically powerful, it’s worth the extra $20 per square foot.

Soft, Natural, And Comforting

The nature of the material is that it withstands. Even should it scratch, because soapstone is soft even when mixed with quartz, you can sand down the scratches yourself without having to call a professional? It’s non-porous, which means no need to buy harsh chemical cleaners that poison in the air in your kitchen and force you to be careful around your hanging fruits and vegetables. You can wash soapstone with warm water and soap! Because it doesn’t absorb anything, you also don’t need to invest in cutting boards, since you can chop and slice directly on your countertop. Its look is classic – it goes with almost every style of cabinetry and every color. You’ll be able to upgrade your kitchen in the future without a major overhaul.

Install And Withdraw

Since this is such a self-sufficient material, you’ll have to do next to nothing to maintain your soapstone countertops. It won’t burn or warp when you set hot plates, pans, and sheets on it, and the only real upkeep besides light cleaning is optional. Some homeowners choose to finish their soapstone counters with mineral oils, but not doing so is not detrimental. You won’t need to use any finish on it once you install it, and it’s ready for use right away! The only real drawbacks are cosmetic: you won’t have a variety of color options, and the seams after installation will be more visible, because soapstone is cut into smaller slabs than normal, but if you can overlook these tiny limitations, soapstone might do your family a world of good.

Clean Up Your Look With Soapstone Countertops!

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