Never-Ending Perks Of Using Granite In Your Home

granite countertops

Choosing to use granite in your home is a wonderful decision!

Granite persists in being one of the most popular choices for the home. A natural material, granite is an igneous rock that is formed inside the Earth from the crystallization of magma. Granite is produced all over the world and shipped all over the world. He are a few reasons why granite is the gift that keeps on giving!

Granite Is Trendy

Granite has been viewed for quite some time as a luxurious and unique product. Since it first started booming in the 1980’s, it was first only sold to the wealthiest people creating a status around the granite. Granite is more affordable now but its status as a trendy product in the home has not gone down. For a special touch in any room, granite is a big perk.

Granite Is Great In A Variety Of Rooms

While most people think of the kitchen and bathroom when it comes to granite use, the truth is the biggest appeal of granite is that it can be used in a variety of ways. Granite certainly makes a stunning countertop, but a current trend is for designers to use granite as an accent in rooms or even outside. Imagine a large shower with one granite wall to impress your guests.  Consider using granite as accent tile on your floor for some added pizzazz.

Granite Is Natural

A growing trend in home remodeling is going green. As the universe is put in more jeopardy, more people are wondering about how to do their part to help the planet. Some may wonder if quarrying (the act of extracting granite) is bad for the environment, but it isn’t harmful. The greatest care is taken to minimize the negative impact on surrounding areas and strict laws are placed upon quarrying. Another benefit of granite being natural is its virtual impenetrability. When maintained properly, granite is resistant to water and it so tough that only diamond can cut it. Granite is a natural gift that keeps on giving.

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