Avoidable Mistakes When Selecting Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen countertops enhance homes in many ways

Kitchen countertops enhance homes in many ways. Whether you select granite, quartz, marble, or any other material, your kitchen is sure to benefit from it. However, choosing a kitchen countertop takes more than looking through our gallery, Pinterest, or any other sources, and saying, “I want that one!”. It’s best to understand how your kitchen functions, the effects of picking specific colors, and other considerations. It wouldn’t be in true Rock Tops’ fashion if we didn’t make you privy to some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to choosing kitchen countertops. Read on to learn more about these avoidable mistakes.

Neglecting How You Use Your Kitchen

If your kitchen holds a lot of traffic, and you cook for a lot of people, then you need a countertop that requires minimal maintenance. You’ll not only need a countertop that looks excellent, but you want it to be long-lasting as well. Quartz could be an excellent option for a busy kitchen. It requires minimal maintenance because it is a non-porous material and does not require sealing. 

Picking the Wrong Color

We suggest that you’re careful with color choices. Darker colors are the least likely to stain. In the case of dark granite, you can look forward to sealing it less often than lighter colors. If you have a busy kitchen, a darker color with fewer patterns might be the right choice. The rule of thumb is always to choose a countertop that you can manage and maintain. Another useful, general rule of thumb is to make sure that your kitchen countertop matches your cabinetry. Mismatched colors can throw off the look of an entire room. With this in mind, you still want to choose durability first over aesthetics first, which brings us to our final point. 

Choosing an Unsuitable Countertop Material

Looks aren’t the only thing that matters. This concept will forever remain true in many aspects of life. Yes, you should pick an elegant and stunning countertop material. However, you don’t want to compromise in durability. For example, marble is a high-end material that we don’t believe works well in high-traffic areas. However, many other countertop materials can replicate marble. Therefore, you benefit from aesthetics, durability, and minimal maintenance. 


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