Kitchen Islands: How to Make Them Visually Interesting

Kitchen Islands Rock Tops Fabrication

Kitchen Islands can serve as the stylish and stunning focal point of a kitchen

Living the island life is still possible with kitchen islands. During these uncertain times, it may not be possible to go to the beach, but kitchen islands can bring the family together. Kitchen islands are functional in that you can not only enjoy eating dinner around them, but they serve as a workspace and a storage place. While we weren’t the geniuses that came up with kitchen islands, we can indeed install them in your home. Read on if you’re curious to know a few ways that you can make your kitchen island visually interesting. 

Explore the Wonders of Waterfall End Panels

We define a waterfall end panel as a seamless countertop edge that continues from the top of the countertop surface, down to the cabinetry, and to the floor. Waterfall end panels showcase your stone like the masterpiece it is. Highlighting your stone masterpiece with a waterfall edge works exceptionally well if your kitchen has an open floor layout. You’ll be able to see your stunning kitchen countertop from multiple angles. Click here for a list of edge treatments that we offer. 

Pop-Up Outlets Are Perfect for Kitchen Islands Used as a Workspace

Wouldn’t it be excellent for you to get work done and for your children to get homework done at the same time? Online classes, along with working from home, is now the norm for millions of Americans. With pop-up outlets, you won’t have to overload your home’s extension cords. Everyone in your home would have a place to get work or school work done. Plus, they add visual interest and help take your kitchen countertop to the next level. Who doesn’t want a stylish yet functional home addition? 

Choose a Stunning Color

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Click here to check out the stunning colors that we offer for our granite countertops. The Black Galaxy, Steel Gray, and Cosmic Black are eye-popping. For the classic home or contemporary home, we have many color and design options that are sure to suit your fancy. 

Go for a Honed Finish

A honed countertop finish is ideal because you’ll see all of the gloss, but none of the etches and scratches. Countertops with high gloss add sophistication to a home. When your kitchen island is the center of attention, then it makes sense for it to shimmer and shine. However, a matte finish does work well for more rustic homes. Cambria Quartz does offer homeowners a high-quality selection of matte countertop finishes. 

Are you ready to say “sign me up” to the style and functionality that a kitchen island can add to your home? Then, call Rock Tops today.


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