What to Do When Your Bathroom Vanity Has Water Damage


What to Do When Your Bathroom Vanity Has Water Damage

Find out what you should do if water damage ever develops on your bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanities are much-appreciated pieces of furniture to have. They give us much-needed space to store our various toiletries, as well as countertop space. Many vanities serve to improve the aesthetic of your bathroom as well. A concern that can arise, however, is that a bathroom produces plenty of moisture, meaning that water damage is more likely to develop on any furniture you install in that room. So, what happens in the event of water damage? Find out what you should do if water damage ever develops on your bathroom vanity.

Perform Inspections

Something to know about water leaks is that they won’t destroy your vanity’s structural integrity right away. It’s damage that happens incrementally, and if you don’t inspect your bathroom vanity from time to time, you might only notice problems when it’s already too late. Performing water damage inspections allows you to repair your bathroom vanity while it’s still structurally intact.

Keep Water Damage Molds to a Minimum

Humidity is unavoidable in a bathroom, meaning the possibility of mold will always persist. With that said, there are measures you can take to minimize the impact of mold-related damage.

To start, if you haven’t already installed your bathroom vanity, pick one that’s made from mold-resistant materials. Don’t be afraid to spend the extra money on high-quality materials either, as you often save money long-term due to the improved durability you get.

You should also keep your bathroom properly ventilated. Good ventilation will limit humidity in your bathroom. The less humidity your bathroom vanity has to endure, the less strain you put on it.

Address Leaks Swiftly

While bigger leaks are easier to detect, any leaks that are in their early stages might go unnoticed if you aren’t addressing them quickly. That’s why you should check your bathroom vanity for leaks constantly. This way, if there ever is a leak, you can resolve the problem before it has a chance to grow bigger and become more difficult to fix.

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