Making Granite Countertops Work in Smaller Kitchens

Making Granite Countertops Work in Smaller Kitchens

Granite countertops can be wonderful additions for smaller kitchens.

Small homes are known for providing warm and cozy atmospheres. It’s undeniable, however, that you’ll be more limited in terms of design options, given that there’s less space with which to work. There’s no need to get discouraged, though, because you can still create a home that has plenty of style and charm to it. In this blog, we’ll be looking specifically at how kitchens can be renovated, and we feel that granite countertops are a great place to start. Granite countertops can be wonderful additions for smaller kitchens, and we’ll be showing you exactly how you can fit one into your kitchen space today.

Start With a Minimalist Approach

With pretty much any small kitchen, you’ll want to keep things simple. This, in part, means you want to keep accessories to a minimum. When you do this, granite countertops will be able to fit more comfortably into your space.

You should also think about how much surface area your countertop has. Don’t try to put too many items on your countertop because your countertop space can get cluttered pretty easily if you do this. This limits your ability to use your kitchen countertop as a space for cooking prep.

Getting Smart with Storage

The way you use cabinets and shelves can have a huge effect on how your kitchen functions. Naturally, smaller kitchens make it harder to utilize your space, but by getting creative with your storage techniques, you can give your kitchen the illusion of being larger. Here are storage techniques we can recommend to you:

  • Make use of storage helpers. Put racks on the insides of your cabinet doors
  • Install floating shelves
  • Give awkward corners in your kitchen a purpose by using them as storage spaces

Smartly Utilize Your Utensils

Did you know that utensils can be used to give your kitchen extra style and practicality? You can do this by keeping them in compact containers, or even mounting them on a magnetic wall strip in order to avoid using counter space. When deciding where your utensils go, you want to put them in places where they can be easily accessed, when needed.

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