Deciding Between a Modern Vs. Traditional Kitchen Design

Deciding Between a Modern Vs. Traditional Kitchen Design

Today, we’ll compare modern and traditional kitchens to help determine what kitchen design you should make for your home.

Have you looked at your kitchen and determined that it’s time to remake it? Kitchen renovations are big projects, but after all of the work that goes into them, you can completely change the look and functionality that your kitchen has. One part of kitchen design involves determining whether your kitchen should have a more traditional look or a modern one. Today, we’ll compare modern and traditional kitchens to help determine what kitchen design you should make for your home.

Traditional Kitchen Design

If you create a more traditional kitchen, it will focus more on promoting comfort and warmth. Usually, traditional kitchens are constructed with organic materials, like wood and stone, though the flooring could be made from tile as well.

There are various features you might find in traditional kitchen settings, such as wooden beams, glass doors, and natural finishes. Along with these, you might want to include arches, chandeliers, or moldings in order to improve the aesthetic of your kitchen.

When it comes to sinks and countertops, a traditional kitchen will typically opt for an apron front sink, or a farmhouse variety. Marble and granite are very popular as countertop materials, given their durability that helps them last a long time.

Modern Kitchen Design

With a modern kitchen design, style is one of the top priorities. You’ll often see a lot of stainless steel appliances in lieu of the cozier wood and stone features you find in traditional kitchens. While this can deter some people from going modern with their kitchens, what you miss in comfort, you make up for with functionality.

You’ll find features like double or single bowl sinks and frameless cabinets with flat surfaces. Also, much like with traditional kitchens, modern kitchens can include granite kitchen countertops.

The main difference between modern and traditional countertops, however, is that modern countertops tend to have less flair. This may sound unappealing at first, but considering that modern kitchens focus less on aesthetics, having less flair on your countertop could be a good thing in order to avoid it clashing with everything else in the room.

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