Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Height

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Height

Keep reading to determine what height you should choose for your bathroom vanity.

Every bathroom benefits from having a bathroom vanity. The vanity is where toiletries can be stored, and many people use their vanities to help get ready to start their days. If you’re getting a new bathroom vanity, one factor to consider in the installation is the vanity’s height. The question becomes: what height is best for your vanity? Keep reading to determine what height you should choose for your bathroom vanity.

Standard Vs. Comfort Vanity Heights

Oftentimes, bathroom vanities will be anywhere from 30-34 inches tall. Vanities in this height range are considered to be standard height. With that said, there are alternatives, known as “comfort height” vanities. These are closer to the 36-inch height range. So, how do you decide between a standard height or comfort height bathroom vanity? To do this, we’ll look at the two types in greater depth.

Standard Height Vanities

The reasoning behind the name “standard height” is that these bathroom vanities are suited for the largest range of individuals. Therefore, if you have a lot of people around the house, a bathroom vanity that’s at standard height might be the most accommodating for the majority of people.

With that said, it’s not always the best option if most people in your house are taller. Standard height vanities might also be unideal if you have individuals with mobility issues who need to use them.

Comfort Height Vanities

Comfort bathroom vanities are becoming increasingly popular, especially among taller individuals. On top of accommodating taller people, comfort vanities also let those with mobility issues make use of the vanity without putting as much strain on themselves. A comfort bathroom vanity is built to encourage better posture while also reducing the likelihood of discomfort and straining, which is why more homeowners are beginning to use them in their houses.


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