How to Go About Choosing Kitchen Island Storage Options!

Kitchen Island Storage Options Rock Tops Fabrication

A kitchen island enhances a kitchen in so many ways!

A kitchen island enhances a kitchen in so many ways! If you love to cook, you can look forward to serving your family and guests on a beautiful natural or engineered stone countertop. Kitchen islands can also serve as work surfaces. The countertop surface is not all that affects a countertop’s appearance and functionality. Storage is a significant yet often overlooked factor of how a kitchen island will operate in a kitchen. If you want to maximize your island, it would be best to consider what you’d like it to do for your kitchen. Do you merely want to beautify the space, or do you need a lot of storage to conceal your appliances? Or both? Here are some ways to go about choosing kitchen island storage options. 

An Open Space Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands pair well in open floor kitchens, but you may want to consider keeping the island’s design open as well. Drawers surrounding your kitchen island make it easier to grab utensils without needing to walk to a cabinet. While open shelving underneath your kitchen island can serve as an area to store plates, produce, or decor. Open shelving, in general, makes any space appear warmer and inviting. This concept works well with small kitchen islands. 

A Microwave Nook

You can save countertop space or space above the stove with a built-in microwave nook. The benefit of kitchen islands is that they have a lot of room for plug-ins to make life more convenient. Pop-up outlets are a handy tool, and so are customizations such as microwave nooks. They save a lot of space and create a visually exciting kitchen countertop. 

Deep, Concealed Cabinets

A cabinet positioned deeper into an island works well for those items that you use minimally. This configuration ensures that those rarely-used gadgets and utensils don’t clutter up the kitchen. 

Pullout Storage

Pullout storage is ideal for those who love to cook and want their favorites pots and pans readily accessible. Stainless steel shelving creates a modern look, and it’s sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavier pots and pans, particularly cast-iron cookware. 

Three-Sided Kitchen Island Storage

Many kitchen islands include front-facing storage options. However, if you own many products, you may want to consider placing storage around three sides of your kitchen island to ensure you have more than enough room to house your cookware. This setup also works well with a smaller island. It would be best if you left the area where you’ll place your bar stools or seating open to not have to move chairs unless it’s time to sweep or mop the floor. 


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