3 Pros of Popup Outlets

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Today, we’re going to cover three main pros of popup outlets. If you’re debating on if you need them, you’ll find this information valuable.

Popup outlets are one of many ways that you can make your kitchen countertop unique. These countertop additions are not only fun to look at, but they’re highly functional and add a lot of convenience to your life. Today, we’re going to cover three main pros of popup outlets. If you’re debating on if you need them, you’ll find this information valuable. 

Cords Will No Longer Be a Hazard

People who can work from home can especially relate to this. If you use your kitchen island as a work area, it’s not uncommon to have a laptop cord dangling. Hanging cords can be a safety hazard to small children (or anyone). Also, because outlets are typically on the side of a kitchen countertop, it limits where you can sit.

The Ability to Charge Multiple Devices

Popup outlets aren’t just useful for powering up food appliances.4 You can use them to power laptops, chargers, tablets, and other devices. From preparing food to doing homework, working from home, kitchen countertops serve multiple purposes, and a popup outlet makes it all the more convenient. 

Backsplashes Without an Eyesore

If you’re remodeling your home and adding backsplashes to your kitchen, outlets can obstruct the beauty of backsplashes. Popup outlets provide an alternative so that there is no need for a remodeler to cut into your beautiful backsplashes. Outlets, depending on where they are in the kitchen, can be an eyesore. These outlets are not only convenient, but they are out of the way and less noticeable. When you don’t need them, they pop back down into your countertop. 

Other Ways to Customize Your Kitchen Countertop Besides Popup Outlets

Are popup outlets not for you? No problem! There are endless options to help you make your kitchen countertop stand out, including:

  1.  Picking a crisp, colorful, or modern countertop color scheme
  2. Surrounding your kitchen countertop with fabulous stools
  3. Opting for a custom bar 
  4. Adding texture with decorate waterfall end panels 
  5. Adding decor to the middle of the kitchen island 

Are you interested in adding popup outlets to your kitchen island, or do you desire to own a beautiful custom kitchen countertop, in general? Reach out to Rock Tops Fabrication today so you’ll be closer to owning your dream countertop. 


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