Kitchen Islands: 4 Valuable Design Tips!

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Kitchen islands have a lot of cool features, such as stock sinks

Kitchen islands are very trendy and popular. Arguably, adding a kitchen island to your kitchen is one of the best things that you can do to enhance this space. Homeowners love countertops such as these because they are a focal point and serve many purposes. If you’re considering adding a beautiful kitchen island to your home, you’ll appreciate these four valuable tips. 

Make Sure Your Kitchen Has a Lot of Room

Ideally, you want a kitchen island to have several feet in between your other countertops. Kitchen islands work best with open floor layouts where there is enough space to walk around the countertop. Think of the area around your kitchen island as an aisle. Also, if you have too much space in your kitchen, you indeed want to think about your new countertop layout. It should fit perfectly and blend in with the structure of your kitchen. Your countertop should look as if it belongs, and not look out of place. 

Kitchen Islands Should Be Creative

If you love a good neutral, we understand entirely. Neutral countertops work well with any kitchen. As you enhance your kitchen by adding new decor or painting, you’ll appreciate neutral colors blending into your design schemes. However, neutral colors don’t have to be bland. With many materials, finishes, and edge treatments available, creativity is still a possibility. 

Pick Comfortable Seating

Once again, kitchen islands serve many purposes. You can serve meals there, bond with the family, and yes, even work from home. With that in mind, pick comfortable seating that promotes lower lumbar support. Also, choose seating that accommodates multiple heights, especially if you have someone in your very tall family. 

Consider If You Need a Sink 

Kitchen islands are customizable in many ways. If you need constant access to technology, popup outlets exist. If you need extra storage, a new kitchen island is ideal for this as well. If you find it convenient to wash dishes in the middle of your kitchen island, we install stock sinks. However, a stock sink may not be ideal for every homeowner. Some homeowners consider their kitchen islands as more decorative than functional, so they would prefer their sink to not be in the middle of the kitchen. Consider what might be ideal for you.

If you’re trying to figure out what kitchen countertop options are right for you, reach out to Rock Tops today! 


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