Top Granite Questions, Answered


Granite continues to be a popular material in homes.

Granite is one of the most common countertop materials throughout the country, and it is loved for its perfect combination of beauty and durability. However, many homeowners embarking on kitchen remodeling projects have questions about granite countertops (including how it is different from other kitchen countertop options on the market). Here are some of your top granite questions answered by the professionals at Rock Tops Fabrication.

Can I Cut Directly On Granite?

This is one of the most common questions that kitchen remodelers ask about granite countertops. While some people like to use their countertops as a cutting board instead of cleaning yet another thing, that isn’t the best idea with granite. Believe it or not, granite countertops are actually so hard that they can dull your expensive kitchen knives. The surface is too hard to effectively work as a cutting board and will ruin your investment in your knives. The short answer is yes, you can technically use granite as a cutting surface but at the risk of ruining your kitchen knives.

Will Granite Scratch?

Another common granite question is whether or not it will scratch over time, which relates back to the question we answered above. Scratching occurs as a result of the hardness scale. In the overall scale, diamonds are the hardest, followed by sapphires, and followed by granite. Everything below that hardness rating (like a copper pan or porcelain tile) will not scratch the granite because it is not hard enough to do so. Keep in mind that your granite might get small scratches over time, but they will be superficial and not actual damage to the countertop.

Will Granite Countertops Stain?

Staining is another big concern for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. Granite is a very hard countertop material to stain unless the kind that was installed in your kitchen is incredibly porous. 5-10% of all granites are porous. For most granite countertops, a normal amount of sealer will be plenty to keep it from staining. Did you get a stain on your granite countertop? There are plenty of off-the-shelf products available to get rid of it quickly.

Beautiful Granite Countertops From Rock Tops Fabrications

Rock Tops Fabrications uses the latest technology to ensure that your new kitchen is designed, cut, and finished exactly how you want it. We have over a decade of experience and have been constantly improving our services and offerings to meet the diverse needs of our customers. If you are in the Maryland, D.C., or Virginia area and looking for a beautiful new remodeled kitchen, give us a call at 410-363-4257. For more information and tips on making your home your own, follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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