Quartz Countertops: The Benefits of Using Them Commercially

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Quartz countertops are ideal for both residential and commercial settings

Quartz countertops have an excellent reputation because quartz is low-maintenance, nonporous, and durable. These factors matter a lot in a commercial establishment. It’s safe to say that surfaces can experience more wear and tear in a commercial setting versus in a residential environment. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to choose a material like quartz. Today we’ll delve deeper into why quartz countertops are ideal for commercial establishments. Here are three reasons that solidify the quality of quartz. 

Quartz Countertops Aren’t Difficult to Maintain

Quartz has become increasingly popular in residential and commercial environments because it’s scratch and stain resistant, along with being a material that you don’t have to seal. You don’t have to worry about bacteria of any sort seeping into a quartz countertop. For a commercial setting, that means that surfaces will be much more manageable to clean, which means a lot in 2020. It doesn’t take a long time to install vinyl and tile surfaces, but it takes a long time to clean them and keep them germ-free. Less maintenance means less financial woes. Say goodbye to expensive maintenance costs with quartz. 

Quartz Offers a Lot of Variety

We partner with many manufacturers to offer home and business owners a large selection of quartz. From Caesarstone to Cambria to Q-stone, you’re going to love all of the style options you have. From contemporary to elegant, we have options that can fit the needs of any business or home. The benefit of quartz is that it can replicate natural stone. If you want your commercial countertops to look sophisticated, glossy, and like marble, that can happen. Cambria Quartz is an excellent option for that. Or if you prefer bold colors, that can be an option as well. Tell us your vision, and we can see it through. 

Quartz Countertops Can Be Eco-Friendly!!!

A lot of commercial establishments keep a green initiative at the forefront. If you’re one of those businesses, you should know that there are Eco-friendly quartz options. For example, Viatera promises to support greener earth by using sustainable materials and implementing an eco-friendly manufacturing process while Q-Stone meets LEED building requirements. 

Whether you want the perfect material for a bartop or an easy-to-clean yet visually appealing option for your bathrooms, Rock Tops Fabrication has you covered. Call us today to learn more about how we can enhance your commercial establishment. 


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