Engineered Stone Countertops: The Pros

Engineered Stone Rock Tops Fabrication

Engineered stone helps a kitchen to look more uniformed, and yet visually appealing

“Quartz” is another name for engineered stone. However, using the term “engineered stone” gives insight into the makeup of quartz. Unlike natural stone countertops, such as marble, granite, and quartzite, a resin binder holds quartz crystals together. Engineered stone countertops can mimic natural stone countertops. However, they have many benefits that are different than the advantages of natural stone. Here are some of the pros of deciding to go for quartz aka an “engineered stone countertop”.  

Engineered Stone Countertops Make a Home More Visually Appealing 

Our engineers compress quartz into slabs that have similar coloring and texture compared to natural stone. However, engineered stone countertops are indeed more uniform. You will notice that there isn’t as much variation in hue. Natural stone is excellent because it has a lot of character. However, engineered stone can match your kitchen perfectly due to its uniformity. Quartz countertops can come in a broad spectrum of earth tones that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. 

ManMade Stone is Durable

Engineered stone is nearly as hard as granite! It doesn’t crack easily, and it’s heat-resistant. We don’t recommend you put a hot pot on any countertop surface. However, it’s reassuring to know that such a durable countertop exists. While we recommend that you use a cutting board, quartz is more resistant to cuts and scratches than other materials.

Sealing Isn’t Required!

Because quartz is manmade, it’s a nonporous material. With that in mind, sealing this material isn’t required. Cleanup is also a breeze! Quartz won’t absorb liquids. Oils, wines, juices, and other substances are no match for quartz. The only thing you’ll need to do is quickly wipe up your spill with a non-abrasive cleaner, and you can look forward to your quartz countertop looking fantastic for a long time. If you want your countertop less susceptible to bacteria, we recommend quartz as your choice. 

We Partner with Many Engineered Stone Manufacturers! 

You have options galore when you designate quartz as your countertop material of choice. Our manufacturers include:

Does an engineered countertop sound appealing to you? Reach out to Rock Tops Fabrication today so that we can put you one step closer to having your dream countertop. 


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