Do Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops Need to Match?

bathroom and kitchen countertops

Today we will discuss if the bathroom and kitchen countertops in your home need to match.

Today we will discuss if the bathroom and kitchen countertops in your home need to match. When you’re remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, this can be an overwhelming task within itself. If you’re renovating both, the pressure is on even more to create cohesive rooms that complement each other. Particularly if you have an open floor layout downstairs, it’s practical to keep the theme consistent. However, because bathrooms typically are on separate floors from the kitchen or are enclosed, you might wonder if these spaces need to match. Here are some considerations. 

Your Style Preferences are All That Matter When Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

Long gone are the days where everything in a home has to be matchy-matchy. What matters the most is that you own a kitchen or bathroom that suits your unique style needs. The benefit of using different materials throughout your home is that your house will not appear cookie cutter. Each natural stone slab by itself already has variances anyway, ensuring that your home stands out entirely. Then, using different natural stones or natural stone colors throughout the home will help it stand out even more. However, matching your bathroom and kitchen countertops is just as fabulous of an idea. 

The Benefit of Matching  

If you’re going to sell your home, it makes sense to have matching countertops. A cohesive look is more likely to appeal to a prospective homebuyer. In this case, quartz is an ideal natural stone because it’s an even engineered stone. It would be best if you picked neutral colors. Of course, whoever moves into your home might change the countertops later. However, the point is that you don’t want to detract from your home’s beauty with jarring or mismatched countertop colors.

In addition, having a consistent look throughout the home makes it easier to design. A simplistic design rule is to choose two primary colors that speak to you and then choose one accent color to add some variety. If you do decide to go for matching countertops, keep these factors in mind: 

  1. The Rooms’ Size: Bathrooms tend to be smaller than kitchens. If you choose a dark theme for a small bathroom or bathroom, it may make the room appear even smaller. However, if you have larger or smaller bathrooms, darker color themes can help fill the void. 
  2. The Flooring: The kitchen and bathroom flooring should complement your countertops as well. 
  3. The Lighting: How light illuminates a space impacts the type of colors and materials you should choose. If you’re someone who uses your bathroom vanity for makeup purposes, ensure that you have the proper lighting in your bathroom to best highlight your facial features. It would also be best to look at how much natural light enters your kitchen or bathroom. Before upgrading your bathroom and kitchen countertops, it might be worth enhancing your lighting. 


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