Quartzite Facts That You Should Know

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Look at this stunning Blue Macubas quartzite

Quartzite should be a part of the countertop material discussion. When people think of countertop materials, they often first think of granite and marble. However, if you’ve been one of our customers (or you’ve done the research), then you know that countertop materials are plentiful. It wouldn’t be in true Rock Tops fashion if we didn’t discuss the many options that you have. We get that each homeowner is different and has different needs. Here are some quartzite facts that you should know.

Quartzite is Sophisticated and Trendy

Quartzite has become increasingly popular for both homeowners and interior designers. Why? Because it has sophisticated aesthetics along with durability, crystalline sparkle, and earth-toned colors. This material is a stylish and popular choice for kitchen countertops. While walls aren’t our specialty, some homeowners even go as far as to using quartzite on a feature wall.

Quartzite and Quartz Are Different

Quartzite, unlike quartz, is not an engineered stone. People often mistake the two due to their similarity in names. However, the two are different when it comes to makeup and color choices. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that first starts out as sandstone. Over time, it evolves due to heat and pressure. At this stage, the natural stone is quarried and cut into applications such as countertops and vanities. 

Quartzite Can Resemble Marble

Many quartzite varieties can resemble marble. However, this option is more durable than marble. Quartzite is perfect for the homeowner that wants their countertop to look elegant and sophisticated but doesn’t want their countertop to go through as much wear-and-tear. Marble is ideal for a homeowner that has an excellent budget and doesn’t plan on putting this natural stone in high-traffic areas. With that in mind, quartzite gives your countertop style, sophistication, and resistance to stains.

Quartzite Comes in a Variety of Colors

This natural stone has a variety of color choices, making it a fan favorite. Natural, earth-tones are common. However, depending on how much iron oxide is present, you may be surprised to find other color variations such as blues, pinks, reds, and greens. 

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