Custom Fabrication: Quartz Conference Tables

Custom Fabrication: Quartz Conference Tables Rock Tops Fabrication

Our custom fabrication can take your commercial office to the next level

We specialize in custom fabrication, meaning that we specialize in bringing other surfaces to life besides bathroom and kitchen applications. From straightforward, rectangular surfaces to more complex designs, our team has the leading edge in cutting and polishing any stone to meet and exceed your expectations and specifications. In the past, we’ve generally discussed the benefits of using quartz for commercial applications. Today we’re going to go over the benefits of using quartz for conference room tables. 

The Importance of Conference Room Tables, in a Nutshell

If you own a commercial office, you know that the conference table is the conference room’s focal point. With this being true, it makes sense for your conference room to be visually appealing. The conference room is the hub of all office spaces. It’s where coworkers collaborate, where you have important client meetings, and where your team held fun potlucks, pre-pandemic, of course. With the conference room table being so significant, you want it to be functional. However, you also want to ensure that it’s not drab or plain, which is where quartz’s application plays a factor. 

The Advantages of Using Quartz in Tabletops

Quartz is an ideal material to use in tabletops for the same reasons you can apply it to tabletops. It’s a low-maintenance and durable engineered stone resistant to stains from spilled drinks to misplaced ink pens. A quartz tabletop doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean, which means lower maintenance costs. 

Also, think of the custom fabrication benefits. Because quartz takes on the form of a slab, our team can turn it into many shapes, forms, and edges. If there are particular inset needs, such as your conference table needing light boards or USB ports, we can accomodate for this without tampering with the quartz’s integrity. 

Functionally and aesthetically, quartz is superb. This material comes in a wide range of styles and patterns that can match any commercial office’s culture. From a formal to casual office, we have options that will meet and exceed your design expectations. Plus, with quartz being so uniform because it’s an engineered material, it can bring any commercial office together. 

Our Custom Fabrication Applies to Natural Stone as Well

Does quartz not suit your fancy? Then you should know that we use natural stone in our custom fabrication process as well. Do you not need a tabletop but another commercial application? We fabricate a wide range of commercial surfaces. Just call us and ask us what we offer! 


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