Using Marble the Affordable Way

The classic look of marble is undeniably attractive. This soft stone adds so much market value to a property, not only because of its natural beauty but also due to the sheer cost of getting it into its intended setting. While large slabs of it may be far out of your budget (you wouldn’t be alone here), there are some ways that you can access the marble look while being conscious of just how much you’re spending.

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Marble Varieties

What’s important to know is that the price of marble is partially based on where it originally came from and what colors it is. Italian marble is priced the highest, and stone from places like India and China has less of a premium attached. In general, marble will be some shade of white, but the number of impurities within it will also affect the color (making it appear grey, pink, or orange in some places). Depending on your taste, you may find a marble sample with many imperfections that you think are completely beautiful. As you look through tile samples, remember to keep an open mind. After all, you will most likely be the only one who knows where your marble came from. 


Creative Spaces

Covering a large area all in fantastic marble is the dream of many property owners, but there’s a lot that can stand in the way of achieving that. The cost of materials, the price of labor, and the incidentals that come with any renovation project stop many people in their tracks when pursuing marble floors or counters. Often, no matter how loudly a sample calls out to someone, they can’t justify the expense. However, with a keen eye, you can most likely find someplace well-suited to a marble accent. The backsplash above a sink or the walls of a small shower may be likely candidates. Accents are having a huge moment in interior design right now, as they add so much visual intrigue to a space. As with any marble application, be advised that the stone must be regularly sealed and properly maintained wherever installed; this is non-negotiable. 



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