Marble and Quartz: Their Differences


Though marble is a natural stone, quartz is typically a more durable choice of material for countertops.

Quartz and Marble are two very popular choices of material for countertops. Both materials share similarities in their patterns. However, although both beautiful and great choices for countertops, they are very different. Here are two of the many key differences between Marble and Quartz:


One of the key differences between Marble and quartz stone is how they are each sourced. Quartz is an engineered stone which means it is made up of other materials to create a stone-like quality, while Marble is a natural stone without any added elements.

Quartz is Engineered

Quartz Stone is created using a binding agent and crushed particles of stone. When complete, the product usually contains about 94% stone and 10% of the binding agent. To create different colors, such as the light pink and pearly white most people admire, pigments are added. Finally, to create a replicated appearance of stone, the Quartz is shaped into slabs.

Marble is a Natural Stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock which means it started out as one kind of rock and has been changed from its natural form into a different type of stone or rock. It has a long history in art and construction and is found all over the world. Unlike quartz stone which has pigment added, this material typically has a natural gray, white or pink coloring and comes in different patterns as well.


Marble: Although an astonishingly natural gorgeous stone, you will find this material to not be very durable. Juices that contain acids such as vinegar, lime and lemon juice, and tomato juice can quickly damage the polished surface of the Marble. Marble is also incredibly prone to marking. Dropping something with a heavy impact onto a marble countertop or surface is likely to scuff the material leaving behind a mark or two that will be difficult to get rid of.

Quartz: Quartz may not be a natural stone like Marble, but it is highly heat resistant which is a great feature for kitchen countertops specifically as it can resist high temperatures up to 400 degrees without being damaged. When it comes to chipping, staining, and cracks that may occur over time, Quartz is also a more durable material in comparison to Marble.


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