Which Countertop Edge Treatments Are Best for Your Kitchen?

rock tops fabrication countertop edge treatments

Your kitchen can utilize multiple countertop edge treatments to create a bold style.

After choosing between the many natural stone styles, colors, and textures, you’ve finally found the countertops you love. However, one more crucial decision should not be overlooked: the countertop edge treatments. Edge treatments may seem like a minor feature of your countertops, but they are essential. Think about how many times you lean against the edge of your counter as you wash dishes, prep food, or share meals at the island countertop. You will notice the edges of your countertops, and if they are not ones you love, you may find your kitchen design unsatisfactory. Granite and quartz countertops are two of the most popular and can accommodate the following edge treatments. 

Flat, Polished Edge Treatments

A flat, polished, or eased edge is one of the most common countertop edge treatments you will see. It is clean, simple, and modern. The edge has a square and crisp look but isn’t sharp. The sides and corners will be slightly smoothed down to protect the countertop from chipping and harming you or your guests. 

Rounded Edges

Rounded edges come in different varieties and are a modified version of the flat, polished edges. Edges can be rounded by ⅜ inches or ⅝ inches. These edges add more roundedness to the countertop edges for a softer look that is still clean and simple. Rounded edges make the edges stronger and more able to withstand knocks against them. 

Bullnose Edge Treatments

Bullnose countertop edge treatments are the roundest edges you can have. The edge is fully rounded from top to bottom and is a popular choice for families with young children because there are no potentially harmful lines on these edges. Bullnose edge treatments evoke a softer feel than square edges and complement modern and classic styles.

Beveled Edges

A beveled edge treatment is an edge with an angle of fewer than 90 degrees. Most beveled edges are precisely 45 degrees. This angular, decorative touch is often chosen to enhance the appearance of many contemporary or minimalist kitchen designs.

Ogee Edge Treatments 

An ogee edge treatment is found in more traditional kitchen countertop designs. This edge style has a slight S-curve, which gives your countertops an intricate appearance. This edge treatment has a striking appearance and is often used only on kitchen islands, so they don’t overpower the entire kitchen design.

Chiseled Edges

If you are interested in rustic or natural countertop edge treatments, this is the best selection for your kitchen. This edge treatment exposed the natural stone on the side, giving the impression that the countertop slab had just been chiseled out of the ground. This natural countertop appearance can create a bold, striking style for your home. 


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