What are the Most Durable Kitchen Countertop Choices?


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Kitchen countertops need to be undeniably durable

Kitchen countertops need to be undeniably durable. A lot happens in the kitchen! From cooking to entertaining guests, it makes sense that the kitchen is the central hub of most homes. If you’re looking for a durable kitchen countertop that can fit your budget and brings style to your home, then this is a must-read. Here are some durable kitchen countertop materials that we give an A+ rating as far as durability, affordability, and style. 


Quartz is a perfect combination of natural and man-made elements. Crushed quartz stone mixed with resin produces kitchen countertops that range in various colors, from solid colors or a granite-like resemblance. However, quartz is slightly more durable than natural stone. It’s tough enough to handle most kitchen prep conditions. It’s stain and bacteria-resistant, and you don’t need to seal it.


Granite is an eye-popping natural stone. If you apply a sealant each year, then you can look forward to the material looking as good as new. Granite can fit into any style kitchen without breaking the bank, or well, breaking itself.

Recycled Glass

Icestone and Vertrazzo are recycled glass countertop materials that put the “d” in “dependable.” Just like the other materials that we mentioned above, it takes a lot to chip, crack, or stain recycled glass. Another advantage of recycled glass is it being nonporous, meaning that you don’t have to seal it. Crushed, recycled glass also rarely fades. Not only is recycled glass durable, but its relatively low-maintenance. 

One Final Note

While these kitchen countertops are durable, we never suggest leaving piping hot pots and pans on these countertops. We always advise that hot pots and pans stay on the stove or for a stylish way to protect your countertop, trivets exist. Trivets are highly-decorative iron objects that help protect a surface from heat damage.

Upgrading an old, cracked, and chipped kitchen countertop is a sound investment. If you’re ready for a countertop upgrade, then contact us today. 


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