Tips When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

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Take your time when choosing the perfect countertops for your home.

The right kitchen countertops can totally transform your kitchen into a gorgeous and exciting place to cook and entertain. Rock Tops Fabrication has years of experience designing and installing kitchen countertops, and here are some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned over that time for picking the best ones.

Function Is First

The most important part of this buying guide is picking kitchen countertops that match the function that you want. The way that you use your kitchen should dictate what materials and design you select. If you are an avid home cook, hobby baker, or someone who barely uses the kitchen, you should take that into account when choosing the right kitchen countertop material. Keep the basics of stain resistance, maintenance, and durability involved.

What’s Your Style?

The kitchen countertop style that you choose should match the existing style of your kitchen and potentially match future styles. Do you want to have vibrant colors on your cabinets or more muted tones surrounding your countertops? Are the counters going to be the focal point of your room or just a functional surface that complements everything else? If you aren’t sure how things will look together, visit a showroom to see materials in person before signing on the dotted line.

Use More Than One Countertop Material

If you use your kitchen for more than one purpose, why not use more than one material? Using marble, granite, or even butcher block in the same kitchen can make it the perfect place for every kitchen activity you like to do. This is especially doable if you have a kitchen island or multiple small station-type areas throughout the space.

Set Your Budget

Finally, the budget plays a big role in what kitchen countertops you can choose from. The material, delivery, and installation costs can all add up quickly, especially if you are adding in special features like a built-in sink or backsplash.

Beautiful Kitchen Countertops from Rock Tops Fabrications

Rock Tops Fabrications uses the latest technology to ensure that your new kitchen is designed, cut, and finished exactly how you want it. We have over a decade of experience and have been constantly improving our services and offerings to meet the diverse needs of our customers. If you are in the Maryland, D.C., or Virginia area and looking for a beautiful new remodeled kitchen, give us a call at 410-363-4257. For more information and tips on making your home your own, follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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