Top Design Trends That Will Last For Years To Come


Create a trendy place for your whole family to enjoy!

Even though we have made it a month into the new year, many homeowners are having difficulty finding trends that will endure. With our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, all homeowners really want is a sanctuary where they can unwind and relax. Remodeling trends that are sure to last are going to be the ones that incorporate serene, calming elements into them.

A Central Oasis

As people seek more and more time away from technology like their phones and laptops, they are looking to create spaces within their homes that can make the process of stepping away from their smartphones easier. This is especially the case in bathrooms, where the thought of placing any technology near water is a scary thing. By creating a space that allows homeowners to feel safe, comfortable, and stress-free is the goal by incorporating spa-like elements into your bathroom design. Including features such as a steam shower or a spa-tub can evoke the calming feel that most homeowners desire.

The New Powder Bath

Homeowners are making more and more luxury improvements in their homes, specifically their bathrooms. By using dramatic materials, unique lighting fixtures, and clever design elements, homeowners are reinventing the powder bath.


Farmhouse Chic

Many homeowners find that they spend the most time in their kitchens and often remodel their kitchens first. Many kitchen designs have been trending towards a farmhouse chic or farmhouse modern aesthetic. This farmhouse approach develops a heightened awareness of a rustic, country vibe in the minds of homeowners. This aesthetic transports people to a time when things were a bit simpler. By incorporating minimal materials and very comfortable accents, transforming your kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen will be a trend that is likely to stay for many years to come.


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