Quartzite: An Alternative to Granite and Marble

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Behold this Taj Mahal Quartzite

Quartzite is a valuable alternative to granite and marble. You’re probably wondering how this countertop material compares to its other natural stone counterparts. We’re here to tell you that quartzite is just as durable as granite but as aesthetically-please as marble. It’s truly a win-win situation if you choose this material for your kitchen countertop. It wouldn’t be in true Rock Tops’ nature if we didn’t enlighten you about all the beautiful countertop materials available. Here is why you’ll appreciate quartzite. 

White Macabus Quartize Can Resemble Marble

Marble is an excellent countertop material for the high-end homeowner. However, if you’re a homeowner that prefers or needs to stick to a tighter budget, quartzite is a beneficial alternative. 

It can be hard to tell or recognize the difference between quartzite and marble. White Macubas, in particular, can resemble marble. What’s even better is that this natural stone is more durable than marble, so you won’t have to worry about etches. 

This Natural Stone is Durable

Quartzite is denser and less porous than its natural stone counterparts. With that in mind, it’s more stain-resistant than granite and marble. This natural stone also differs from granite if you’re not a fan of a darker aesthetic. Granite tends to have darker spots or flecks in it. In comparison, the quartzite we offer has very light veining. Where does the Mohs Hardness Scales rank quartzite? At a seven! This ranking says a lot. 

Quartz Vs. Quartzite

These names sound the same, but these materials are inherently different. Quartz is a man-made, nonporous material. It ranks a seven on the Mohs Hardness scale. With that idea in mind, you can’t go wrong with either material. If you’re looking for quartzite that stands out, the Blue Macubuas option is unique. 

Which Natural Stone is the Best?

All of them are beneficial! What it depends on is your taste, budget, and if you don’t mind sealing your kitchen countertop. Natural stone countertops require sealing to keep them in their best conditions. You don’t have to seal darker granite as often. If you’re looking for a dependable alternative to natural stone, you don’t have to seal quartz countertops. 


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