Open Plan vs. Structured Kitchens

kitchen layout

A kitchen layout can make or break a home!

With many decisions to make when embarking on designing or remodeling a kitchen, the first question any homeowner needs to ask themselves is what type of layout they want. The two most common plans we see are the open plan and the structured plan. Each has their benefits and drawbacks depending on your personal needs and functions.

The Open Plan

An open plan kitchen is an exceptional way to bring people together. Entertaining is made a lot easier with this type of layout. If you have a home filled with energy and children bustling about, an open plan kitchen will make your life a lot easier when it comes time to keep the kids busy while you are attending to cooking or baking. However, if you want a romantic night in, it’s much harder to avoid the children interrupting your quiet date night.

Structured Kitchens

A structured space may seem outdated, since these days it seems like all we see in renovations are open kitchen designs. However, a compartmentalized kitchen has many perks. A structured kitchen will ensure that you avoid the smell of any food lingering in the living area. This style gives you the advantages of various zones throughout your entire home. The kitchen is meant for eating and cooking, the living area is meant to be lived in, and the dining area for formal dining and celebrations. By having designated areas in your home you give your home structure instantly; no need for fancy designs to establish zones. A structured kitchen creates a home that allows each room to serve its own unique purpose.

The Conclusion

Both layout styles are equally good and it’s really up to you and your purposes in deciding which layout you’d want to choose. How you want your kitchen to function is all up to your personal needs and the needs of your family.

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