Where Can I Use Slate In My Home?

There are variety of places in your home where you can install slate to add some beauty to your property.

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or build it from the ground up, natural stone is a material should take advantage of during the home improvement process.  Natural slate is a popular material you should think about using in your home regardless of the room.  The stone is extremely durable and will elevate the look and style of your home immediately after installation.  Discover the various places in your home where you can install natural slate.  


One of the most obvious places to use slate for is your home flooring.  Slate flooring is highly durable and strong, so it will stand up well to heavy foot traffic.  Slate is a non-slip material so you will never have to worry about your little ones falling and hurting themselves.  In addition to the interior of your home, slate flooring is a great option for exterior features from your patio to walkways.   You won’t have to worry about severe weather damaging your slate tiles costing you expensive repairs.

Wall Tiles and Backsplashes

Slate is a great material to install in your shower as walls because it is water resistant and will add some style to your bathroom.  The addition of slate walls in your bathroom will add some well-needed peace and serenity to your shower time.  You can also slate to your kitchen in the form of backsplashes.  They are easy to clean when they get dirty during cooking and will add some depth to your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

Slate can withstand high temperatures and spills, so it is the perfect material for kitchen countertops.  Your slate countertops will stand up well to all of the mess and wear and tear of cooking.  With its smooth and cool surface, slate is wise option to roll bread on or even prepare baking items for the oven.


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