2020 Kitchen Countertop Trends to Consider

2020 Kitchen Countertop Trends to Consider Rock Tops Fabrication

Cambria Quartz is a trendy 2020 kitchen countertop option

The countertop is undeniably one of the essential parts of a kitchen. Not only do kitchen countertops serve as places to serve food, bond with family, or even get some work done, kitchen countertops house fabulous decor. They serve as the focal point of your kitchen and can bring a room with their beautiful designs. In a nutshell, a kitchen countertop sets the room’s tone, especially when you think about kitchen islands. Because a kitchen countertop can help you set your decor, the finish, material, and design that you choose matters a lot. Here are some 2020 kitchen countertop trends that we encourage you to think about and consider. 

Quartz is Quite Valuable and Here for the Long Haul

When quartz first stepped onto the scene as an option for countertops, interior designers saw it as a high-end alternative to granite. Granite has been one of the top countertop choices for a long time because it is aesthetically appealing and durable. However, one reason that you should consider quartz is its nonporous makeup. It’s much harder for water, wine, and liquid to seep through the surface and cause staining. When a material is nonporous like quartz, bacteria are harder to breed. For this reason alone, you may also want to consider adding quartz to your bathroom. 

To Hone or Not to Hone? That is the Question.

You can add honed surfaces to granite, quartz, marble, and many materials. Polished countertops tend to be more of a homeowner’s favorite, but both finishes have their benefits. “Matte” is another word for honed, meaning that it has little to no shine. Matte is a term that you often see in the world of cosmetics. This finish works very well with a marble countertop because its lack of shine works to conceal any flaws or scratches better. 

Leathered finishes are also becoming increasingly trendy. Unlike a honed countertop, it does have some sheen to it but is less glossy than a polished slab. Leather finishes retain a stone’s natural color while also hiding fingerprints and watermarks well. 

Sustainable Countertop Materials Are Surely Something

When you choose sustainable materials for your kitchen, it makes you feel fantastic about your decision. Countertops with recycled glass are VOC-free (Volatile organic compounds) and free from plastic resins. Recycled glass countertops can range from neutrals to beautiful jeweled tones. And guess what else? These surfaces are incredibly durable as well. 

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