2020 Bathroom Vanity Trends

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Vessel sinks are a unique bathroom vanity trend

Today we’ll be sharing some 2020 bathroom vanity trends. Vanities can break or make a bathroom. Just as an island serves as the focal point of a kitchen, vanities serve as the bathroom’s focal point. You want to make sure that your vanity is aesthetically-pleasing and doesn’t take up too much or too little space. Built-in vanities are ideal for larger bathrooms and can offer a lot of needed storage space. Smaller vanities work well for both tiny and ample spaces. Here are some of our top trends that will help you guide the design of your bathroom. 

Gray, White, and Ebony Vanities 

These are popular color choices. They go with almost any bathroom style any color scheme because they are neutral. If you go with a white vanity color, it will help your bathroom look bigger and more ethereal. If you choose an ebony vanity, consider the countertop surface to be of a lighter shade. Marble and granite come in various colors that will help create a balance. Neutral colors stand the test of time and complement any changes such as a paint change. Another thing to pay a lot of attention to is your lighting, hardware, and mirrors. You want to ensure that every design aspect blends well together. 

A Vanity With Open Shelving

This trend is trendy for both style and space. Open shelving can make your bathroom seem more like a spa than a bathroom, especially when there are plush, white folded towels. Open shelving also makes a bathroom appear more inviting. Once again, this is another tactic that will make the room look ampler than what it is, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Vessel Sinks are Valuable

Vessel sinks help your bathroom to stand out undeniably. Stone vessel sinks are popular more so for powder rooms than full-sized bathrooms. You may also see this trend often in commercial spaces. Regardless, they add flair to any room and serve as a stunning staple piece. 

Marble Bathroom Countertops

This trend is ideal for the high-end homeowner. White marble countertops work well with any vanity color. Marble countertops have smooth designs that add a calming effect to a bathroom. This trend, just like open-shelved vanities, gives a bathroom more of a spa-like feel. 

A Minimalistic Approach

The quote “less is more” rings is real in so many ways, including bathroom design. If you have a smaller bathroom, naturally, it makes sense to go for a freestanding vanity. However, you also want to keep your countertop clutter-free, aiding in a minimalistic approach. The neatest and most sophisticated bathrooms often have shelving on the walls to organize products, and everything has a proper place. The point is that you never want to pack a vanity. 


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